ATEM Mini – SWATEMMINI – Blackmagic Design

ATEM Mini – SWATEMMINI – Blackmagic Design

ATEM Mini – SWATEMMINI – Blackmagic Design


  • 4 HDMI inputs
  • Intuitive and easy to use design
  • Live stream multi-camera productions online
  • Compatible with YouTube, Facebook Live, Skype, and more
  • High-quality HDMI inputs for cameras, computers, and game consoles

Stream Live Interviews

The ATEM Mini is perfect for conducting interviews. With the ability to connect multiple cameras, you can capture close-ups of the host or interviewee, as well as wide shots. The compact size of the ATEM Mini allows for easy switching in small studios. You can also record your interviews via the HDMI output or live stream using software like Open Broadcaster.

Education and Training

Whether you’re creating educational videos or conducting training sessions, the ATEM Mini is an ideal tool. Its fast and easy setup allows you to travel to different locations and record live multi-camera video productions on a wide range of educational topics. Connect computers and cameras, and use the ATEM Software Panel to load titles and perform video effects to enhance your content.

Video Effects

One of the standout features of the ATEM Mini is its range of built-in video effects. With the cut button, you can instantly switch between sources for a seamless transition. The auto button, commonly used on large broadcast switchers, enables professional video effects transitions, adding a touch of sophistication to your productions.


The ATEM Mini is a versatile device that offers more than just video switching. It also features a full Fairlight audio mixer, allowing you to mix audio from all sources. All HDMI audio inputs and microphone inputs are connected separately to the audio mixer, giving you complete control over your live audio mix.

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