Cesar Millan Dog Backpack (Small)

Cesar Millan Dog Backpack (Small)

Cesar Millan Dog Backpack (Small)


There are many dogs who do not feel fulfilled until they are given a job. With a job, they begin to feel like they have a purpose and are contributing. This Cesar Millan big dog harness backpack is the perfect solution for restless dogs. Some dogs can get anxiety in new places and around new smells and people. This backpack can be a great way to help them feel more at ease, while giving them a job to do. Additionally, this backpack is equipped with a variety of convenient compartments that can hold water bottles, snacks for you, treats for your dog, a leash, and much more. It’s shape makes it easy to remove and secure.

Training Your Dog

Some dogs can get overly excited when they know that they are about to go out for a walk or hike, so a great way to train your dog to put this backpack on calmly is by using a treat. Often, dogs can get apprehensive when it comes to putting on unfamiliar things, so using positive reinforcement is the perfect way to make them feel comfortable wearing Cesar’s saddlebag harness. With this backpack, your dog will have to work harder and will feel challenged and accomplished at the end of your walks and hikes. If you would like your dog to be able to accompany you on more outdoor excursions, this backpack acts as a perfect weight for dogs to carry, giving them a job and allowing them to happily come along.


Cesar Millan, a renowned dog behavior authority, stands behind the use of his effective dog accessories for small dog breeds. He works with many hard-to-handle dogs and befuddled owners on his show. This backpack has helped many dogs with too much energy get the exercise they need. With this backpack, you will also give your dog purpose by giving them a job.

For Dog Owners with Limited Time

If you have limited time to take your dogs out for walks and exercise, this backpack is great! It can be weighed down to provide the benefits of 1 hour of exercise in just 30 minutes. Your dog will get a full workout with this great dog backpacking gear. So if you have a working dog or a dog with a lot of energy, then this the right tool for you.

Convenient Size for Small Dogs

This dog anxiety relief backpack is perfect for small dogs between approximately 20 lb and 40 lb or with a chest girth measurement between 20″ and 30″. Measure the girth around the widest part of your dog’s chest to determine size. Whether you have a working dog, want to give your dog purpose, or just have a dog with too much extra energy, this pack is perfect.

Great for Hiking

This dog saddlebag for hiking makes the perfect addition to your hiking gear. This way, you won’t have to carry all of your snacks and gear and your dog will get the exercise they need. Dogs often sit idle at home, but this no longer needs to be the case! Now, when you leave the house to do outdoor activities, you can take your dog along.


  • Durable, breathable, and water repellent
  • Padded and lined with a breathable mesh to prevent overheating
  • Elastic straps adapt to your dog’s motions
  • Reflective trim for safety on nighttime and early morning walks