FORIOUS Defrosting Tray for Frozen Meat – Fast and Healthier Way of Thawing Food

FORIOUS Defrosting Tray for Frozen Meat – Fast and Healthier Way of Thawing Food

FORIOUS Defrosting Tray for Frozen Meat – Fast and Healthier Way of Thawing Food


Are you tired of waiting hours for your frozen meat to thaw? Look no further! Introducing the FORIOUS Defrosting Tray, the ultimate solution for fast and healthier thawing of food. This innovative thawing plate utilizes miracle natural heating and conducts power through aluminum, allowing you to defrost your food in no time.

Main Features

  • Fast and efficient thawing: The FORIOUS Defrosting Tray is designed to accelerate the thawing process, reducing waiting time significantly.
  • Healthier alternative: Unlike traditional thawing methods that require hot water or microwave, this tray promotes natural thawing without compromising the taste and texture of your food.
  • Miracle natural heating: The tray utilizes a special heating technology that harnesses the power of nature to defrost your food quickly and evenly.
  • Conducts power through aluminum: The aluminum material used in the tray efficiently conducts power, ensuring rapid and uniform thawing.
  • Available in two different sizes: Choose between the small and large sizes, depending on your needs and the amount of food you want to thaw.

How It Works

The FORIOUS Defrosting Tray works by utilizing the natural properties of aluminum to conduct power and generate heat. When you place your frozen meat or other food items on the tray, the heat is transferred from the tray to the food, causing it to thaw quickly and evenly. This innovative technology eliminates the need for hot water or microwave, making it a safer and healthier option for thawing.


  • Saves time: With the FORIOUS Defrosting Tray, you can thaw your food in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.
  • Preserves food quality: The natural thawing process ensures that your food retains its taste, texture, and nutritional value.
  • Easy to clean: The tray is made of non-stick material, making it easy to clean after use.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Constructed with high-quality materials, this thawing plate is built to last.
  • Safe to use: The tray is designed with safety in mind, with no sharp edges or harmful chemicals.


Say goodbye to long waiting times and unhealthy thawing methods. The FORIOUS Defrosting Tray offers a fast and healthier way to thaw your frozen meat and other foods. With its innovative design and use of miracle natural heating, this thawing plate ensures rapid and even thawing, while preserving the quality of your food. Choose between the two different sizes available and experience the convenience and efficiency of the FORIOUS Defrosting Tray today!