Mira Fertility Starter Kit – Description

Mira Fertility Starter Kit – Description

Mira Fertility Starter Kit

The Mira Fertility Starter Kit is designed to help increase your chances of conception by accurately tracking your estrogen and LH levels. With the Mira Analyzer and App, you can get accurate ovulation predictions and personalized fertility advice.


Advanced Fertility and Ovulation Tracker

The Mira Fertility Starter Kit provides you with a daily “Fertility Score” based on your actual estrogen and LH levels. This score gives you an indication of your chances of conceiving on any given day. The data is automatically sent to the Mira Fertility Tracker App for iOS and Android via Bluetooth.

99% Accuracy

The Mira Analyzer has a 99% accuracy in detecting the estrogen and LH hormone surge, which is a main indicator of ovulation. By knowing your specific fertility hormone concentration levels, you can increase your chance of conception and avoid missed fertilization windows or false positives.

Easy to Use

Say goodbye to hard-to-read and inaccurate over-the-counter fertility and ovulation test strips. With the Mira Test Wands, simply dip them in your urine and insert into the Mira Analyzer. Your estrogen and LH hormone readings are analyzed, and clear results are sent to the Mira App. If you already have a Mira Analyzer, you may need to upgrade the firmware if you purchased it before September 2019.

AI Personalized Cycle Prediction

The Mira Fertility Tracker and App use AI to learn your changing hormone patterns. This information is used to provide you with a highly personalized and accurate ovulation prediction. Additionally, the app provides fertility advice specific to you. It can be used at any time of the day or night.

Package Contents

  • 1 Mira Analyzer
  • 10 Estrogen + LH Test Wands
  • Deluxe Carrying Pouch
  • Battery
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Important Instructions

Before using the Mira Fertility Starter Kit, make sure to read all the directions carefully. It is important to fully charge the analyzer before the first use. Insert the correct dry side of the wands into the monitor. If you encounter any issues, contact Mira customer service for troubleshooting support.


The Mira Fertility Starter Kit is a reliable and easy-to-use solution for tracking your estrogen and LH levels to increase your chances of conception. With its advanced features, high accuracy, and personalized cycle prediction, it provides valuable insights and guidance on your fertility journey. Get started with the Mira Fertility Starter Kit today and take control of your fertility.