PIKFOS Baby Playmats & Floor Gyms

PIKFOS Baby Playmats & Floor Gyms

PIKFOS Baby Playmats & Floor Gyms


The PIKFOS Baby Playmats & Floor Gyms is a versatile and interactive play mat that offers more than just entertainment. Designed to stimulate intellectual growth, physical development, and visual abilities, this play mat is perfect for newborns and babies up to 12 months old.

Featuring a built-in piano toy, babies can compose their own musical masterpieces while improving hand and feet coordination. The large space of the playmat allows babies to move around freely and interact with the hanging rattles, promoting exploration and curiosity.

The stent of the baby play mat activity gym is wrapped with cushioned foam to ensure the baby’s safety and avoid any harsh edges. The playmat is made with thick cotton, moisture-absorbing, and breathable material, providing comfort for the baby during playtime.

With the PIKFOS Baby Playmats & Floor Gyms, your baby will have endless hours of fun and learning!


  • Premium Material: Made with thick cotton, moisture-absorbing, and breathable material
  • Toys That Teach: Designed to build cognitive, sense organ, and athletic ability for babies
  • Soft and Cozy Pillow: Cushions your child’s head during tummy time
  • Detachable Rattles: Clip-on toys with bright colors and baby-safe materials
  • Star Light Projector: Projects a colorful night-like sky with a rotating toy


  • 1x Baby playmat
  • 1x Pillow
  • 1x Projector
  • 1x Piano
  • 4x Baby rattles
  • 2x Hanging Mobile

Early Development Toys for Baby

The PIKFOS Baby Playmats & Floor Gyms provide a highly interactive activity center for babies. With 5 detachable colorful hanging rattles and a graceful piano music feature, it stimulates the baby’s sensory and physical coordination skills. The baby can kick the keyboards or catch the toys, enhancing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

Our baby gym has 5 different modes of play: Lying, Sitting, Tummy Time, Kick, as well as Play & Take-Along. The unique arch and music piano attract the baby to touch and make a wonderful sound immediately, sparking their curiosity. With 3 music modes, it helps improve kids’ abilities such as listening, shooting, grabbing, kicking, and playing.

Characterized for Baby

Babies will be delighted when hitting and kicking the large piano keys, being rewarded with sweet tunes and flashing lights! The cries will be replaced by constant laughter. If you’re looking for perfect newborn toys, this amazing grow-with-me play mat is the right choice.

Easy To Clean

The arch bridge and keyboard are easily removable, and the smooth surface is edgeless. The floor mat can be folded up for outdoor use or travel. Babies can play around in various positions, such as lying, sitting, and sprawling, allowing parents to enjoy playful time with their little ones. It also makes for a smart choice as a Baby Shower or Birthday gift.

Lovely Soft Play Mat with Detachable Toys

The PIKFOS Baby Playmats & Floor Gyms are made with sturdy and safe materials. The gym features songs, music, and three volume settings. There is plenty of space to hang other toys, and it is easy to assemble and detach for separate play. It is also convenient to put together and take apart for transport or storage.